1. GrupoJK are a strictly ‘Trade Only’ supplier. It is essential for the protection of our trade customers, that any potential new customers will be required to supply us proof of their business.  As a wholesaler, we will only transport our goods to ‘Bona Fide’ furniture and giftware retail establishments. GrupoJK reserve the right to reject any Trade Application that does not meet the criteria. By placing an order you will be deemed to have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions.
  2. Our preferred method of payment is card, BACS  or cheque prior to delivery.  All the order deliveries will be made when cleared funds arrive in our account. Cheques referred to Drawer will incur a £20 charge and future payments will only be accepted by card, cash or BACS.
  3. GrupoJK may deliver Goods in instalments in any sequence. Deliveries of further 
    instalments may be withheld until the Goods comprised in earlier instalments have been paid for in full. Default by GrupoJK in respect of one or more instalments shall not entitle the Buyer to terminate the relevant Contract as a whole.
  4. Any damages or shortages must be reported to the office within 3 working days from the date of delivery. No claims will be entered into thereafter. Claims or disputes will not entitle any customer to adjust payment on any invoice. Any goods that are subject to a claim must be kept until collection has been authorized and arranged.
  5. No responsibility whatsoever will be accepted for losses, damages or shortages of goods collected and/or transported by couriers or third parties.
  6. Under no circumstances shall GrupoJK be liable to the buyer for loss of profits or economic loss. The goods shall be at the buyers risk from the time of delivery to the buyers premises or to other premises specified for delivery.
  7. GrupoJK shall not be liable to the Buyer in contract, tort (including without limit negligence or breach of statutory duty) or otherwise howsoever and whatever the cause thereof: (i) for any economic loss of any kind whatsoever, including without limit loss of profit, business contracts, revenues or anticipated savings; or (ii) for damage to the Buyer’s reputation or goodwill; or (iii) for any loss resulting from any claim made by any third party; or (iv) for any special, indirect or consequential loss or damage.
  8. If an arranged delivery cannot be made due to non payment or non attendance, a charge of £50.00 will be levied for the aborted delivery.
  9. If GrupoJK agrees to permit the Buyer to collect the Goods from GrupoJK’s place of business then delivery shall be deemed to take place when GrupoJK notifies the Buyer that the Goods are ready for collection and unless otherwise agreed in writing by GrupoJK it is a condition of the Contract that the Buyer will collect the Goods within 7 days of such notice.
  10. A large proportion of our product range is handcrafted and is therefore subject to changes in colour and finish slightly. Although overall quality is not affected, this is an inherent part of our stockholding and should be viewed as such.
  11. Whilst we demand the highest standards of build quality for our products, we accept no liability whatsoever for faults or defects occurring within commercial/contract/catering environments.
  12. GrupoJK will not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss whatsoever arising from, or in connection with the supply of defective goods, delay in delivery, non delivery, or loss or damage to goods whilst in transit to the property of the purchaser, or any third party.
  13. GrupoJK will not be liable for any damage to property, fixtures or fittings during, or after the delivery of product to a customer’s premises. It is the responsibility of the recipient to ensure that there is sufficient access to enable GrupoJK to safely deliver goods to their establishments and assist the driver in off loading.
  14. Direct containers are available to our Customers and full details are available from our office. Every effort is made to publish accurate pictures, specifications and pictures in our journals. However, we take no responsibility for printing errors should they occur.
  15. All prices are exclusive of V.A.T. We reserve the right to alter prices without notice. Orders are executed at prices in force at time of delivery.
  16. The cancellation of any order will only be accepted at the discretion of the Company and must be in writing within 3 days. The Company will not accept cancellation of any order for any non-standard product and deposit payments will not be refunded. Returns for the bespoke orders will NOT be accepted under any circumstances.
  17. Storage of furnniture - we will store the furniture free of charge for one week beyond the agreed delivery dates. If site is still not ready after this time the furniture will be moved to an off-site storage facility and charged at the minimum rate of GBP 100.00 + VAT per week or 2.5% of the order value whichever is the greater. At this point the balance invoice will be raised and payment due as per the terms of your Order Acknowledgement. If the furniture has not been delivered within 5 weeks of the acknowledged delivery dates the storage charge will increase to 10% of the order value per week until a delivery date has been confirmed. Payment of storage charge invoices will be due within 7 days of the invoice date.  
  18. Payment shall only be deemed received by GrupoJK from the Buyer upon receipt by GrupoJK of cleared funds. Payment shall be made in full without any deduction, set off or abatement on any grounds. GrupoJK may appropriate any payment made by the Buyer to any outstanding invoice. GrupoJK may bring an action for the price of the Goods even though the property in them may not have passed to the Buyer.
  19. Title to the Goods (both legal and equitable) shall remain with GrupoJK until full payment with cleared funds of all monies due from the Buyer to GrupoJK under all contracts between GrupoJK and the Buyer has been made, or title is properly vested in some other person by the operation of any statute.
  20. The Buyer shall not be entitled to assign or sub-contract any of its rights or obligations under the Contract, without the prior written consent of GrupoJK. GrupoJK may assign, license or sub-contract all or any part of its rights or obligation under the Contract without the Buyer’s consent.
  21. Until title to the Goods passes, the Buyer shall hold the Goods on a fiduciary basis as GrupoJK’s bailee and must store the Goods (at no cost to GrupoJK) such that they are easily identifiable as the property of GrupoJK and must not destroy or deface any identifying marks on the Goods or their packaging. Until title to the Goods passes, the Buyer shall still be entitled to re-sell, use or otherwise dispose of the Goods in the ordinary course of its business provided that the Buyer shall ensure that the entire proceeds arising by virtue of any such sale, use or disposal shall be held in trust for GrupoJK and shall not be mixed with any other monies or paid into any overdrawn account and shall be identifiable as monies belonging to GrupoJK. 
  22. By agreeing to these terms and condition you confirm that you are over the age of 18.